Target Testing

We're not just about testing; we're on a mission to 
revolutionize health screening and medical testing.

Our Mission

At Target Testing, we're not just about testing; we're on a mission to revolutionize health screening and medical testing.

With our discreet and affordable services, we bring the lab to you - whether it's your home, office, or even your attorney's office!

Expect nothing but top-notch confidentiality and lightning-fast results, delivered straight to your fingertips.

Urine Testing

Welcome to the most convenient health screening and medical testing center in town! Our services are so confidential, even the walls have secrets. Need testing but can't leave your lair? No problem! Our staff will swoop in like superheroes to your home, office, or even your attorney's hideout.

Legal Testing

At TARGET TESTING, we offer DNA testing services that will make Maury Povich jealous. From Paternity to Immigration, we've got you covered. Our samples travel faster than a cheetah on roller skates to the laboratory, ensuring speedy results in just 2 - 3 hours!.

Compliance Testing 

When the results are in, brace yourself for the call of a lifetime! We'll reach out faster than a squirrel on caffeine. All your documents will be handed over for your records or to drop the mic in court. And hey, forget hidden fees! Our prices include everything from sample collection to overnight shipping and even the lab costs. No surprises, just pure testing awesomeness.
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All tests are confidential,
many take only 5 minutes.

"Our caring staff can answer your questions!"

DNA Testing

TARGET TESTING is a health screening and medical testing center. All services are confidential, affordable and conveniently administered. In many cases, staff are available to come to your home, place of business or your attorneys’ office. All results are completely private. TARGET TESTING offers DNA testing services for Paternity, Adoption, Child support litigation, Immigration, DNA Profiling, and Relationship testing. The process of obtaining a DNA sample is painless! No blood is required! A buccal or cheek swab (similar to a Q tip) is used for the collection. Testing for paternity or other relationships (grandparents, twins, etc.) requires all concerned individuals. All collected samples are express delivered over night to the laboratory. Results, in most cases are available in 2 – 3 business days. Upon receipt of the results TARGET TESTING will contact you immediately. All documents will be made available to you for your records and for court if necessary. All fees include collection services, overnight shipping, and laboratory costs.

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