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DNA Paternity Testing

TARGET TESTING will have results within 2-3 days after the lab receives your samples. TARGET TESTING offers convenient, confidential and affordable paternity test results received from an AABB and LAB accredited testing lab.

Immigration Testing

TARGET TESTING offers Immigration Testing for emigrating family and visa applications. Our Immigration DNA Tests are in full compliance of U.S. Embassy standards.

Legal Paternity Testing

TARGET TESTING offers Legal DNA Paternity Testing for use in court cases involving divorce, child support and child custody, as well as for immigration, visa applications and estate or inheritance cases.

Family Relationship Testing

TARGET TESTING offers DNA testing for a variety of family relationships. You may need to confirm a family relationship, need to verify a relationship for a court case, adoption or immigration.

  • Our physicians and medical staff are nationally registered and certified to do DOT exams.
  • Does your company have more than 5 DOT drivers? Call to arrange for on-site services!
  • Do our hours fit your needs? What hours would make it easier for us to help you?
  • Need to save money? Become a Florida Drug Free Workplace! Save 5% of the cost of your Work Comp insurance. Call Target Testing if you have questions!

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